Favorite Moments from the 73rd Golden Globes

January does not only mark the beginning of a New Year; it also marks the beginning of the film awards season. Last night was the 73rd Golden Globes, hosted by Ricky Gervais. The Golden Globes ceremony is often mixed – sometimes it has lovely moments, but much of it can be boring. So to sum up this year’s Golden Globes, I’ve picked out some of my favorite moments from the evening. Let me know what you thought of the show, the winners, or anything else!

The Bear, costar of The Revenant made an appearance…

jonahhillisthebearThe beloved 21 Jumpstreet duo Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill came up to present the first award of the night for Best Supporting Actress in a film…only Jonah Hill didn’t quite make it onto stage. Instead, Tatum provided a consolation guest, presenting the bear from The Revenant, who we learned is a big fan of “Magical Mike”. It should be noted that the bear is very grateful for his role, and gave many thanks to The Revenant director Alejandro Iñárritu and star Leonardo DiCaprio – definitely one of the best presenters of the night. What makes this bit even better is that DiCaprio himself reportedly loved the gag, and anything with Leo’s blessing is automatically wonderful. If you missed the bear’s presentation, worry not – watch it here. 

Jaimie Alexander criticized the Teleprompter…


When the Blindspot actress (who looked absolutely stunning in that green dress) went up onstage with Amber Heard (left), the two found themselves speechless…because the teleprompter was blank. Eventually, they did get some kind of cues, but they must have been inadequate because Alexander suddenly exclaimed “Dude! Who’s typing this shit?” Watch the awkward moment here.

And the winner is…Straight Outta Compton

Does everyone remember Steve Harvey? In case you’ve forgotten, he’s the poor schmuck who “made a mistake.” After Miss Colombia was crowned and giving her wave to the audience, Harvey awkwardly made his way back onto stage, delivering the news that the winner was actually Miss Philippines, and ineptly declared, “this is exactly what’s on the card. I will take responsibility for this. It was my mistake.” *Insert “you had one job” meme.*

Jamie Fox, who was tasked with presenting the award for Best Original Score with Lily James, decided to give Harvey even more grief than he’s already gotten, for the amusement of everyone. After naming the nominees, Fox boldly stated, “and the winner is…Straight Outta Compton,” which he quickly followed up with the exaggerated “I’m sorry folks, I’ve made a mistake! It’s right here on the card!” in perfect imitation of Harvey. Personally, I thought the joke was fantastic, given that Fox announced a film that wasn’t even nominated, but some (looking at you, Denzel) found it distasteful. Watch the video below to see for yourself!

Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence (who want everyone to know that they are best friends)…

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JANUARY 10: In this handout photo provided by NBCUniversal, Presenters Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence speak onstage during the 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 10, 2016 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Paul Drinkwater/NBCUniversal via Getty Images)

The two actresses went up together to present their films, because according to Ricky Gervais “it’s like they’ve never had a friend before.” The duo had a great bit, including Schumer admonishing a cell phone user in the front. The ladies’ chemistry is so fantastic that I’m positive they could do a hilarious stand-up act together. Take a look at their presentation here.


Ryan Gosling is just the teensiest bit butt-hurt…

ryangoslingbradpittgoldenglobesAnother hilarious presentation came from Ryan Gosling, who was rather upset to find out that he had to present with Brad Pitt. The actor became even more distraught to find out that his presentation wasn’t even for an award, but just the introduction of The Big Short…starring himself, Steve Carrell, Christian Bale, “and some other people…” This sounds boring when I describe it like this, but I swear they were actually hysterical! Watch Gosling and Pitt present here.


Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg ring in the new year…


The Daddy’s Home co-stars didn’t even really need to say much on stage. They just had to show up donning their fabulous “2016” sunglasses (which they couldn’t see in, as Wahlberg complained repeatedly) and the crowd went wild. Sometimes, that’s just all you gotta do.

Tom Hanks’ impression of Denzel Washington…

I like Tom Hanks, because he’s a talented actor and comes off as a very classy man. That’s why I believe he was a wonderful choice to present Denzel Washington with the Cecil B. DeMille Award. Hanks’ entire presentation speech was gorgeous, and at the beginning he did a spot-on impression of the incredible actor – which Denzel himself loved, as you can see in the vine. As funny as the impression is, Hanks’ speech is certainly worth the time, so watch it here!

Taraji P. Henson demanded more time…


Several times last night, NBC decided that award winners needed to wrap up their speeches sooner than they wanted to, and would begin to play the classic “get-off-the-stage” music. Taraji P. Henson was having none of that though. The Empire actress had a lot to say about her winning Best Actress in a TV Drama, and when the teleprompter tried to insist that she wrap it up, the actress snappily said, “Please wrap? Wait a minute. I waited twenty years for this. You’re going to wait.” It was glorious. Oh, and she handed out cookies on her way to the stage: “Cookies for everyone tonight!”


Brie Larson will write thank-you cards…

brielarsongoldenglobes While Taraji took the time she needed to say her thanks, others, namely Brie Larson, didn’t have the gall to do so. The actress showed heartfelt thanks when accepting her award for Best Actress in a Drama Film, and when the wrap-up music began to cue, she promised “I’m sorry to anyone I forgot…I’ll write you a thank-you card!” It was completely charming and adorable, and just one more reason to love Brie Larson.

A few fantastic looking beards…

I’m mainly talking about Jason Sudeikis, John Krasinski, and of course, Jim Carrey. No more words are needed, just observe below.


And lastly, Leo didn’t sleep in an animal carcass for naught!

Everyone who has seen The Revenant knows that Leo deserves every award possible for his role as Hugh Glass, so it was a happy moment for all when his name was called for Best Actor in a Drama. The moment got even better when the audience gave him a standing ovation, something that they also awarded to Sylvester Stallone. The actor just looks so proud and humble, and his speech is so perfect too. He’s such an eloquent speaker, and he manages to thank every person thinkable, even acknowledging the phenomenal performances of his competitors. It’s truly a beautiful moment, so watch the speech here.


Let me know what some of your favorite moments were from the ceremony; or least favorite! Thanks for reading, and happy 2016!


6 thoughts on “Favorite Moments from the 73rd Golden Globes

  1. Great write up. Lots of sarcasm on the Globes. It was fun, if somewhat acidic. I thought Gosling was just joking… rather dryly 😉 Loved some genuine surprise acceptances like Gael Garcia Bernal ad Brie Larson. Funny when Ridley Scott mention Martian being a comedy with perplexed expression. I actually liked Gaga’s win too. Happy for Stallone, and Revenant. Good night, overall. I enjoyed your analysis. Thanks!

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