The Railway Carriage (2015) – Short Film

Director: Ross Adgar Starring: Dean Sills Synopsis: The Railway Carriage is a psychological horror short film in which the lead character (John) is trapped in a dream like world where there is no easy escape. Throughout he is beset with flashbacks, vague memories that explain why he is trapped in a train carriage again and again. Is … More The Railway Carriage (2015) – Short Film

Is 4D a good idea?

Originally posted on Views from the Sofa:
My local Cineworld cinema has a gimmick called D-Box. I call it a gimmick because it adds very little to the movie viewing experience other than a more expensive ticket. Your chair vibrates in time with the action. That is it! Many people enjoy it but I think I’d…

Movie Characters Who’ll Make You Optimistic About Life

There are so many moving and inspiring films which feature noble characters and restore our faith in humanity. These characters always handle adversity with a certain courage, and they look at the horrors in life the way that many of us are afraid to. However, this post is not focusing on those characters. This post … More Movie Characters Who’ll Make You Optimistic About Life