Why Marvel should never recast their characters

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Robert Downey Jr will eventually hang up his Iron Man mask and thrusters and give up on the Marvel franchise. It is a sad fact but one that has been hinted at, skirted around and thankfully avoided for at least one more Marvel movie. After Captain America: Civil War, I can’t see Downey Jr holding out for the Infinity Wars movies – particularly when he is already starting to look kind of bored as Stark already.

This means that eventually Marvel will have to make the decision as to whether they recast the role of Tony Stark or retire that character, possibly forever, and move on. I really hope they choose the latter option.

Recasting has already happened…

I understand that this has worked for other franchises. James Bond is well-known for having been played by many different actors, with varied degrees of success. Superheroes aren’t immune from this either…

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