The Dragon’s Loyalty Award


Recently, my pal the Movie Review Dude honored me with the Dragon’s Loyalty Award. If you don’t follow this guy, you absolutely should! His blog is unique and entertaining, so go give him some love. Mr. Dude probably doesn’t know this, but he was actually my very first follower on wordpress. So, I’m not sure how I’m loyal to dragons, but coming from him I’m taking it as an honor!

If you wish to demonstrate loyalty to dragons you must:

♤ Display the award on your blog
♤ Announce your win with a post and thank the blogger who nominated you
♤ Nominate 15 deserving bloggers for the award
♤ Let those bloggers know you have nominated them for the award
♤ Write seven things about yourself

Here are my fifteen bloggers of the utmost dragon loyalty:

1. New Guy Movie Reviews

2. Chris’ Movie Corner

3. Real Dude Reviews

4. Views From The Sofa

5. Matt Wheeldon

6. You’ve Got Film On You

7. Reel Feature

8. That Movie Person

9. Sister Geeks

10. Screen Kicker

11. The Film Oracle

12. Flicks and Pieces

13. Movie and TV Series Geek

14. Movie Reviews 101

15. Consistent Panda Bear Shape

These bloggers are all extremely wonderful! 

Seven interesting things….hmm…am I even interesting? 

1. I live in the US, and I’m working on my BA in communication with a concentration in media production and criticism at the ever-awesome George Mason University.
2. I’ve played the violin for nearly 10 years, and I’m a member of the Mason Symphony Orchestra. Also, I’m hoping to soon declare a minor in music.
3. I’m a huge Potterhead, and my favorite character has always been Hermione. She was my idol when I was a kid; I wanted to be just as smart as she is. I would always try to dress up as her for Halloween, but people would ruin it by saying I had to be Ginny because of my hair. On that train of thought…Emma Watson could 100% make me switch teams (if you get my drift).
4. I do indeed have a soul. I’ve heard those rumors (thanks south park) and they aren’t true! #gingershavesouls
In all seriousness though, I used to hate my hair so much. I’d get teased about it all the time, and strangers at school would even go so far as to yell “gingers have no souls!” at me in the hallways. However, everyone grew up, and now I love my hair.
5. I would love to live in Italy. Specifically, Sorrento. It’s such a beautiful place, and people there are sweet. Some day, I won’t be a poor college student and I’ll be able to live there!
6. I used to have a rabbit! His name was Sunny and I’m 67 percent sure that he completely hated me. Still, that never stopped me from forcing my love on him. Six months before he passed away, he broke his leg and had to have it amputated. But I swear he was the cutest three-legged bunny ever!


7. I love writing. A lot. I currently write for this blog, ScreenRelish, and a local newspaper; I’m enjoying doing pieces for all of them. I’ve been incredibly lucky in my opportunities for writing, and I hope that my luck continues!

Thanks for reading! You’re the best!


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