Deadpool (2016)

DeadpoolPosterDirector: Tim Miller

Starring: Ryan Renolds, Morena Baccarin, T.J. Miller, Ed Skrein, Brianna Hildebrand and Gina Carano

Right from the get-go, with its glorious opening shot, Deadpool establishes its superiority over any other superhero movie that has ever been derived from a Marvel property. This opening shot is the crystal clear display of the artistry that the makers put into creating this movie. It’s genius, it’s awesome, and it’s probably one of the best opening shots of all time. It perfectly kicks off the story of a shit-talking, crude, former Special Forces operative, with an incomparable sense of humour, turned superhero lovingly known as the merc with a mouth aka Deadpool.

Wade Wilson’s life is shattered in the blink of an eye when he is diagnosed with cancer right after he gets engaged to his future baby mama, Venessa. A mysterious man offers to cure this life-threatening disease and give him powers only a few men have had the virtue of possessing in the past. Things go south in the midst of this operation and from there emerges the bad-ass merc with a mouth. He is now on a quest to find the person who turned him into a monster, avenge himself, and return his fubar face to the way it used to be so he can be with his beloved again.

The basic framework of this movie is fairly homogeneous to any other superhero origin story one has ever seen. Yet, it manages to outshine most of them. Deadpool thrives on its brilliant execution of the already beaten-to-death structure of origin stories. It is all about the execution. Everything – from its snappy dialogues to its grimy habitat – fits perfectly with the story that is being told. Deadpool makes fun of the concept of superhero flicks, and by the time we reach the end, it harmonizes with them in dazzling synchronicity. 


The characteristics of Deadpool stick brilliantly close to the source material. The humour is very meta and self-referential. It is aware that a few actors are playing all these roles, but at the same time it humanizes them effortlessly and makes us care about the story. Deadpool breaks the fourth wall quite a few times and it is glorious every single time he does. This isn’t overdone to a point of exaggeration, and it is not underdone to be utterly insignificant to the movie. It is simply perfect.

Deadpool has its fair share of imperfections; it is not a perfect piece of cinema. The main villain is simply not good enough to be a match for Deadpool. He does not have any background whatsoever, which reduces the collective strength of the movie to a great extent. A well-realised villain is what this movie needed thedeadpoolimage2 most so we could cheer more for our hero to mutilate other people in unimaginably fun ways. Another major flaw with the movie is the complete lack of relevant motivation for Deadpool to go in search of the bad guy. A fair reason is mentioned in the movie, but for a film this smart, the writers could have done so much better explaining this unclear motivation.

Ryan Reynolds is the perfect person to play this role. He and our antihero both share quite a few personality traits, such as a sick sense of humour, and a perseverance to go after something relentlessly until they get it. Reynolds was born to play Deadpool – it just took him a while to squeeze himself into the costume. The supporting cast does an amazing job as well. The gorgeous Morena Baccarin from Showtime’s Homeland is an absolute treat to watch. She is a strong female character and the most influential person in Wade’s life. The chemistry between them is nothing short of perfect. Of course, there are several other notable supporting characters, including Weasel, Colossus , and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (which of course is the coolest name ever).

Deadpool is a super fun movie for everyone – especially for the fans of the source material – fueled with kick-ass action, far out characters and hilarious dialogue. Tim Miller and Ryan Reynolds have made exactly the movie they sought to make, and fantastically deliver what they promised the undying fans of the character.



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